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Sizing your Home and Tank

Our job here is to help you create and maintain your own reef aquarium. But in order to do that, there is research that should be done. We here at Worldwide Reefers are prepared to help you every step of the way.

Creative Ideas

Your aquarium will always be looking at you, and vice versa... Putting some thought into what you want before even purchasing an aquarium should be priority #1. 

We can help with nearly anything! SPS, LPS, Softie and Anemones.. We're here to assist you!

Follow Through

From public tanks to private tanks. Every step should have proper planning and execution. All the while you're stilling preparing for any hiccup you could have.

Which is why we are here!

Worldwide Reefers

Kevin Borchert, Owner and Enthusiast

Kevin is the founder of our team. He is our lead reefer and will be advising you on the most efficient way to plan your aquarium and how to follow through with those plans. Right from the first measurements to the last coral being placed. He is here to help you!

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If you have any question or inquiries about your reef tank, or are looking for an knowledgeable person to help you start up your first reef tank then subscribe through your email, or contact us with the email form down below!

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